Artisan Accessories and Jewellery by Robyn & Julie

Our designs are unique and generally one of a kind.

My name is Robyn, and I’ve been doing metalwork since 2009, and conscripted my daughter-in-law, Julie into the business a few years ago.

We use mainly sheet-metal copper and wire, mixed with lots of interesting other finds. Julie and I both love Steampunk style, mixed up with found objects such as vintage pocket-watch and wrist-watch parts, vintage hardware, keys, lock-plates etc. In fact, just about anything can find its’ way into our pieces. Our take on Steampunk is more Industrial than Victorian, with a little Goth thrown in for good measure.We often incorporate this steampunk influence into our whimsical designs

We have made a conscious decision to only use cold connections as a method of construction. No solder, no glue, just lots and lots of rivets and screws. This enables us to incorporate just about any materials in our pieces.

We use traditional metalwork and jewellery making methods and tools, no laser cutting for us. If you visit us at Eynesbury Market you will often see me working at my portable workbench.

We make small plates, bowls, desk accessories, and book plates, all using copper and brass sheet.

We also make a range of Mixed Media items. This line features notebooks, journals, art journals, canvases and wall hangings, also a bit industrial and a bit Steampunkery.

Our journals and notebooks can be personalized to suit.



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