Catch Up

Sorry I haven’t been on here much lately, life just gets in the way sometimes. Among other things, our beloved greyhound, Olivia, passed away last week. We have registered to adopt another one from the GAP people, as we definitely need to have a grey around the house,

Our Substation Market at Newport is no longer operating, although it has been put out to tender, so it may be up and running again in the summer.

We are at Kensington Town Hall on the third Sunday of the month. It was really nice last week to see so many of our old customers and to meet so many new people.
We also gave away the winning ticket for the raffle of a bicycle, yay!
 This Sunday we will be at the Eynesbury Market, thankfully it is inside this month, so it’s safe to invite you all to come and visit. The market was featured in the local Star newspaper this week.



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