Hardware & Consumables

For the past year we have been tutoring in cold connected metalwork, and one question our students always ask is “where can I buy what I need to do this at home?”

Most local bead shops don’t carry these items, so we trialled selling sample kits to my students.

As a direct result of this we are now offering for sale both the sample kits and small kits of the most common hardware.

Also, we can now supply sheet copper in varying thicknesses and in pieces measuring 3” X 8”.

This size will allow you to make cuffs as we do in class.

We will also have available copper disks in sizes from ¼” to 1½” diameter and varying thicknesses.

We also stock the Pro-polish Pads that we use in class, available individually.

Please use the form below to request current prices.

Thank You


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